Mothers Carry Their Babies’ Cells Forever

You know how they say a mother carries her child in her heart forever? Turns out, it’s literally true. We literally carry a piece of our babies, even after they are born or miscarried.

When we’re pregnant, some of our baby’s cells pass to us through the placenta and those fetal cells become a part of us. It’s called fetal-maternal microchimerism, and it means we are biologically connected to our mothers and our children in more ways than most people think.

Scientists have found fetal cells sprinkled throughout women’s brains and circulating their blood. They’ve also found them in mothers’ livers, bones, and lungs.

If our hearts become injured, fetal cells from our previous pregnancies will flock to the injury and become specialized heart cells. They may even begin to beat!

According to ScienceNews, “fetal cells seem to migrate early in pregnancy, meaning that even brief pregnancies may leave a cellular mark on a woman.”

It gives me comfort knowing I carry my two lost babies with me. And if I get sick or injured, perhaps I can thank my little ones for providing the young cells that come to my aid. So to my Lia and to my Baby Forbes #2, I carry you with me always ❤

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