First Baby Kicks Caught on Video

I started feeling Baby Emelia’s movement around 15 weeks in the form of what felt like little twitches. At the time, however, I had no idea it was the baby. It wasn’t until my 17 week appointment with my OB that I figured it out. As my doctor was holding the ultrasound probe, she felt the baby kick. That same night, I drank ice cold water, laid on my back, and had my husband put a little pressure on my belly with his hand. The baby kicked him 3 times!

The movement progressed from twitches at 15 weeks, to tiny little taps at 18 weeks, to full on kicks by 19 weeks (albeit very light ones). I saw the kicks from the outside for the first time at 20 weeks and actually caught those first ones on camera! I’ve been recording kicks ever since and started adding the video footage to my YouTube channel. The kicks are getting stronger and stronger, so I plan to make a new video every few weeks. I can’t put into words how magical it is to feel my child moving inside me, or how reassuring it is to know she’s still alive in there.

Here is the first video!

Baby’s First Kicks

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