Hi, I’m Jamie Forbes – just another person in the world experiencing the highs and lows of life. My pregnancy announcement somehow caught the attention of national news stations and People Magazine, and although I was embarrassed to showcase private moments to the world, I was excited to share the happiness my daughter brought to so many. She was named after my little sister Jillian we had lost two years prior.

I got married and became a Forbes on December 1, 2018, for better or for worse with my loving husband (just a regular guy, not of the famous Forbes’). Unfortunately our marriage started off “for worse,” as we suffered a 13-week miscarriage on New Years Eve 2018. I was told that speaking out about the loss of my daughter helped others deal with their pain. So I began writing this blog, thinking it would not only be therapeutic for me, but perhaps it would help others not feel alone.

In April of 2020, after a second miscarriage, we welcomed our double rainbow baby into the world. In this blog I write about the happy times and the sad, because life can get unbearable and unmanageable, but also beautiful and priceless. May the happy times outweigh the bad, and make all of the pain worth every moment of it!

Pregnancy reveal video

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Our wedding highlights